Course Resources

A number of sample datasets and workspaces will be used in this course.

On Your Training Computer

The data used in this training course is based on open data from the City of Vancouver, Canada.

Most exercises ask you to assume the role of a city planner at the fictional city of Interopolis and to solve a particular problem using this data.

Whether it's a local computer or a virtual computer hosted in the cloud, you'll find resources for the examples and exercises in the manual at the following locations:

Location Resource
C:\FMEData2016\Data Datasets used by the City of Interopolis
C:\FMEData2016\Resources Other resources used in the training
C:\FMEData2016\Workspaces Workspaces used in the student exercises
C:\FMEData2016\Output The location in which to write exercise output
< documents>\My FME Workspaces The default location to save FME workspaces

You should also find FME pre-installed, plus a digital copy of this manual.

Please alert your instructor if any item is missing from your setup.

You can find the latest version of FME Desktop and FME Server for Windows, Mac, and Linux - together with the latest Beta versions - on the Safe Software web site.

Course Etiquette

For online courses, please consider other students and test your virtual machine connection before the course starts. The instructor cannot help debug connection problems during the course!

For live courses, please respect other students’ needs by keeping noise to a minimum when using a mobile phone or checking e-mail.

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