Introduction to the FME Data Inspector

The role of inspecting data in FME is not carried out in FME Workbench, but in a complementary application: the FME Data Inspector.

What is the FME Data Inspector?

The FME Data Inspector is a utility that allows viewing of data in any of the FME supported formats. It is used primarily to preview data before translation or to verify it after translation.

The FME Data Inspector can also be used to check data at any point during a translation; as you use FME you’ll find this is useful for step-by-step examination of complex translations.

The FME Data Inspector is closely tied to FME Workbench so that Workbench can send data directly to the Inspector.

What the FME Data Inspector Is Not!

The FME Data Inspector isn’t designed to be a form of GIS or mapping application. It has no all-around analysis functionality, and the tools for symbology modification and printing are rudimentary and intended for data validation rather than producing map output.

Starting the FME Data Inspector

To start the FME Data Inspector, from the Windows start menu click FME Desktop 2016, then on the sub-menu click FME Data Inspector 2016.

Miss Vector says...
FME is so easy to use, it's hard to think up some difficult questions! But I'll try.

When you are inspecting *schema*, what are you trying to verify?

1. The color and linestyle of features
2. The number of features
3. The layers (classes, tables, types)
4. Where the nearest coffee shop is

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