Module Review

This module was designed to help you use FME Workbench in the most efficient manner, to effectively manage FME related projects, and to ensure those projects are scalable and portable.

What You Should Have Learned from this Module

The following are key points to be learned from this session:


  • Best Practice is the act of using FME in a manner that is efficient, but also easily comprehensible by other FME users.
  • Best Practice in FME can be divided into Methodology, Style, Performance, Debugging and Organization.

FME Skills

  • The ability to use Workbench in the right way, so as to provide maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • The ability to use bookmarks, annotation, and workspace settings to apply a well-designed workspace style.
  • The ability to interpret an FME log file at a basic level and to use debugging techniques to locate problems in a translation.
  • The ability to use FME as part of a larger project, in an organized and efficient manner.

Further Reading

For further reading why not browse articles tagged with Best Practice on our blog?

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