Here are the answers to the questions in this chapter.

Miss Vector says...
ETL is an acronym for...?

1. Extra-Terrestrial Lifeform
2. Extract, Transform, Load
3. Express Toll Lane
4. Eat, Transform, Love

Miss Vector says...
FME can seamlessly translate between so many formats because it has...

1. A sentient data dictionary
2. A retro-encabulator
3. A rich data model
4. A core of unicorn hairs

Miss Vector says...
Which of the following applications is NOT a part of FME Desktop?

1. FME Workbench
2. FME Integration Console
3. FME Server Console
4. FME Data Inspector

Miss Vector says...
FME Workbench allows you to define flows of data in which way...

1. Graphically
2. Telepathically
3. Problematically
4. By writing lots of code in C++ or Java

Miss Vector says...
Which of these is a window in FME Workbench?

1. The Maths Window
2. The Geography Window
3. The English Literature Window
4. The History Window

Miss Vector says...
Which of these is NOT an arrangement of Windows in FME Workbench?

1. Stacked
2. Floating
3. Double-Glazed
4. Tabbed

Miss Vector says...
Q) In the Generate Workspace dialog, why might it be useful to set the data format before browsing for the source data?

A) Because then the explorer dialog only displays files whose extension matches the format type

Miss Vector says...
Which of these is NOT a way to set the format of a translation?

1. Typing the format name
2. Selecting the format from a drop-down list
3. Browsing for the format in the formats gallery
4. By selecting a dataset with a known file extension
5. None of the above (they are all valid ways to set the format)

Miss Vector says...
Which key is a shortcut to run a workspace?

1. F4
2. F5
3. F5.6
4. F#

Miss Vector says...
When you are inspecting *schema*, what are you trying to verify?

1. The color and linestyle of features
2. The number of features
3. The layers (classes, tables, types)
4. Where the nearest coffee shop is

Miss Vector says...
Open a dataset and right-click on records and column-headers in the Table View window. Which of the following is NOT an available option(s):

1. Sort (Alphabetical or Numeric)
2. Inspect Value
3. Cut/Copy/Paste
4. Save Selected Data As

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