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Miss Vector says...
Here are four different formats and four different terms for "feature type". Connect the format to the correct terminology.
FormatFeature Type Terminology
Oracle SpatialTable
MicroStation DesignLevel
Esri GeodatabaseFeature Class
Adobe PDFLayer
Technically, Esri feature classes are stored in tables, but feature class is the best match in this list.

Miss Vector says...
Here are four scenarios and four tools or settings. Connect the scenario to the correct tool/setting.
Source filename changesSource Dataset Parameter
Attribute type changes in databaseUpdate Feature Type
Additional database table needs readingImport Feature Type
New file dataset needs readingAdd Reader
Technically, if a new file dataset needs reading, and you already have a Reader of the same format, you could add the dataset to that Reader using the Source Dataset parameter. However, usually you would create a new Reader entirely.

Miss Vector says...
I want to convert some data from Esri Shapefile to GML format, with the GML having the same schema as an existing PostGIS database. How can I do this?

1. Create a workspace to convert the Shapefile to PostGIS. Create a second workspace to convert the PostGIS to GML.

2. Create a workspace to convert the PostGIS to GML. Create a second workspace to convert the Shapefile to GML, overwriting the previously created GML file.

3. Create a workspace with PostGIS and Shapefile Readers, and a GML Writer. Copy the PostGIS Reader feature types to the GML Writer and connect the Shapefile Reader feature types to them. Delete the PostGIS Reader and run the workspace.

4. Create a workspace with a Shapefile Reader and a GML Writer. Import feature type schemas from the PostGIS database into the GML Writer.

While it's true that #3 might do the job (#1 and #2 are just plain wrong) #4 is the best way. It works because you don't have to import the schema from the same dataset you are writing to - or even a dataset of the same format!

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