Testing Isolated Sections

Testing and debugging a large workspace is easier when it's possible to isolate sections and test them separately.

The ability to isolate specific sections is done by disabling connections. This renders a connection inoperative in much the same way as if it had been deleted, and no features will pass through.

A connection is disabled by right-clicking it and choosing the option to Disable (or selecting it and using the shortcut Ctrl+E):

Disabled connections are listed in the Navigator window:

Here the user has chosen to disable connections so that they can test the first PointOnAreaOverlayer transformer without the second one running as well:

This speeds up the translation so that testing of the required section runs quicker.

An alternative to testing isolated sections is to run a workspace with the run option Run with Full Inspection turned on.

However, be aware that:
  • Such an approach will take up more time and system resources
  • You will need to disable all Writers to avoid writing data
  • SQL and Python transformers may contain statements that will still change data (this is something you should be careful of anyway)

Miss Vector says...
Of course, it's much easier to disable certain parts of a workspace when you've properly divided it up into sections with bookmarks. Anyway, here's a question for you:

It's possible to disable other objects besides connections. Can you pick out which of these objects (there may be more than one) can be disabled in Workbench?

1. Transformers
2. Feature Types
3. Annotation

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