Here are the answers to the questions in this chapter.

Mr Flibble says...
The most common format translation defined with FME is from Esri Shapefile to which format?

1. Esri Geodatabase
3. Google KML
4. Esri Shapefile

Yes! The most common translation is from Esri Shapefile TO Esri Shapefile! It just proves how many people use FME for data transformation instead of format translation.

Miss Vector says...
Which three colours represent checked, need checking, and unset parameters on transformer objects?

1. blue, yellow, red
2. green, yellow, red
3. red, green, blue
4. green, blue, yellow

Miss Vector says...
If I use a transformer to remove irregularities (like self-intersecting loops) in the boundary of a polygon, what type of transformation is it?

1. Structural Transformation of attributes
2. Structural Transformation of geometry
3. Content Transformation of attributes
4. Content Transformation of geometry

Miss Vector says...
Which of the following transformers do you think is "group-based"?

1. StringFormatter
2. Clipper
3. Rotator
4. AttributeRounder

The StringFormatter, Rotator, and AttributeRounder can all operate on one feature at a time. For example, you can rotate one feature independently of any other. However, the Clipper can only operate on a group of features. The "Group-By" parameter is a huge clue to identifying group-based transformers!

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