Exercise 5 Grounds Maintenance Project - Neighborhood Averages
Data City Parks (MapInfo TAB)
Overall Goal Calculate the size and average size of each park in the city, to use in Grounds Maintenance estimates for grass cutting, hedge trimming, etc.
Demonstrates Group-By Processing
Start Workspace C:\FMEData2016\Workspaces\DesktopBasic\Transformation-Ex5-Begin.fmw
End Workspace C:\FMEData2016\Workspaces\DesktopBasic\Transformation-Ex5-Complete.fmw

Let's continue your work on the grounds maintenance project.

The parks team has decided that they do not want the average area of park for the city as a whole. Instead they want the average size of park in each neighborhood; so let's do that for them.

1) Start Workbench
Start Workbench (if necessary) and open the workspace from Exercise 4. Alternatively you can open C:\FMEData2016\Workspaces\DesktopBasic\Transformation-Ex5-Begin.fmw

2) Set Group-By in StatisticsCalculator
This is a really simple task to do. Open the parameters dialog for the StatisticsCalculator transformer.

Click the 'browse' button next to the Group By parameter.

Select the attribute called Neighborhood and click OK until all dialogs are closed.

3) Run the Workspace
Save and then run the workspace.

Inspect the output data in the Table View window of the FME Data Inspector.

You should see that each neighborhood now has its own value for AverageParkArea:

By completing this exercise you have learned how to:
  • Use the group-by parameter in FME transformers

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