As a reward for reading this far, here's a little quiz for you to try out.

As you may know, if you opt in, FME records information about what formats and transformers you are using. It lets us create general statistics and shows us where to focus our development work.

The following questions are based on these statistics for FME2016 beta (from the time it first appeared on our web site, up until December 2015). They refer to the number of times a transformer or format was added to a workspace, by a user.

Each question has a number of correct answers. Your job is to pick one of these answers, but get the LOWEST score you can; i.e. identify a transformer or format that was used as little as possible during the beta period!

The ultimate answer is one that is pointless (i.e. with no score)!

So, here goes...

Miss Vector says...
Without looking in Workbench (that would be cheating) identify a transformer that is in the Filters category in the transformers gallery in FME2016. Remember, you're trying to guess one that was as little used as possible!

One answer is very high (you can probably guess which). But there are two transformers that were not used at all in the 2016 beta phase and so will score zero points. Will the transformer you select be one of those?!

If the transformer you select is incorrect - i.e. it is not a transformer in the Filters category - then you will score 100 points!

Dr Workbench says...
Again without looking in Workbench, identify a Reader in FME2016 that includes the word "XML" in its full FME name.

I don't just want an XML-based format. For example "GeoRSS/RSS Feed" might be XML-based, but it doesn't have the string "XML" in its name, so it doesn't count. There are nine different formats to choose from, and four of them will score you zero points, so your chances are quite good!

Sister Intuitive says...
I'll be kind to you. All I need is a transformer whose name begins with the word "Attribute".

There are lots of these - and I'm including aliases - so you shouldn't get a completely wrong answer. However, it will take a lot of meditating to choose the one transformer that is a zero score.

Police Chief Webb-Mapp says...
So! You think you're good, do you? Well here is a really tough question to sort out the good guys from the bad.

The What's Great in 2015 article on the FME blog listed 18 transformers that were new in 2015 (or a 2014 Service Pack). All you have to do is name one.

That shouldn't be too hard, should it? Not many were used much in the 2016 beta period, so if you can get it right, you will score well!

Miss Vector says...
Have you written down your answers? And are you sure you didn't cheat? Good.

To find out what your score is, visit this page:

Good luck!

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