Here are the answers to the questions in this chapter.

Miss Vector says...
Which of the following is NOT a method of creating a bookmark?

1. Click the Insert Bookmark button on the toolbar
2. Select a transformer, right click, choose Create Bookmark
3. Select multiple transformers, right click, choose Create Bookmark
4. Use the Ctrl+B shortcut

Miss Vector says...
Which of these is NOT a type of annotation in FME Workbench?

1. Header Annotation
2. Parameter Annotation
3. User Annotation
4. Summary Annotation

Miss Vector says...
It's possible to disable other objects besides connections. Can you pick out which of these objects (there may be more than one) can be disabled in Workbench?

1. Transformers
2. Feature Types
3. Annotation

OK, technically you can't disable a bookmark, but you can choose to disable all the objects within it.

Miss Vector says...
What ways can a template be opened for use in FME Workbench (there might be more than one correct answer):

1. Open it using File > Open
2. Open it using File > Open Recent Template
3. Double-click the fmwt file in Windows Explorer
4. Use Create Workspace from Template in the Getting Started part of the start tab

Yes! Every one of those is a valid method of using a template file!

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