Updating Reader Feature Types

A final tool for Reader feature types allows you to update them:

When you have created a workspace and more tables are added, then the Import tool is the one to use. However, when the schema of an existing table has changed, then the update tool is the one to use.

For example, I have a source feature type with this attribute schema:

The database administrator decides that the three PostBox attributes are no longer required and removes them from the database table. To fix my FME workspace to match, I would use the Update Feature Types tool.

Miss Vector says...
Let's see if you can figure out which tool should be used in which scenario? Here are four scenarios and four tools or settings. Connect the scenario to the correct tool/setting.
Source filename changesAdd Reader
Attribute type changes in databaseImport Feature Type
Additional database table needs readingUpdate Feature Type
New file dataset needs readingSource Dataset Parameter

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