Managing Attributes

A high proportion of the top 25 transformers are support transformers for managing attributes. These create new attributes, rename them, set values, and delete them.

A key use for these transformers is to rename attributes for the purpose of schema mapping.

Attribute Managing Transformers

The key attribute-management tasks and the transformers that can be used are as follows:

Task Transformers
Create AttributesAttributeCreator, AttributeManager
Set Attribute ValuesAttributeCopier, AttributeCreator, AttributeManager, AttributeRenamer
Remove AttributesAttributeKeeper, AttributeManager, AttributeRemover, BulkAttributeRemover
Rename AttributesAttributeManager, AttributeRenamer, BulkAttributeRenamer
Copy AttributesAttributeCopier, AttributeCreator, AttributeManager
Sort AttributesAttributeManager
Change Attribute CaseBulkAttributeRenamer
Add Prefixes/SuffixesBulkAttributeRenamer

Many of these transformers can carry out similar operations, and you can see that the AttributeManager does so many tasks you can use it almost exclusively.

Don't misunderstand the BulkAttributeRenamer. It changes the case - or adds suffixes/prefixes - to the attribute name, not the attribute value.


A List in FME is a mechanism that allows multiple values per attribute.

For example, the attribute myAttribute can only contain a single value.

However, the list attribute myList{}.myAttribute can contain multiple values as:


There are various transformers designed to operate specifically on lists - they can be found in the Lists category of the transformer gallery - and list functionality is built into other transformers (such as the AttributeCreator) too.

For further reading check out this article on Attribute Management on the Safe Software blog.

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