Introduction to Data Inspection

To ensure that you're dealing with the right information you need a clear view of your data at every stage of the transformation process.

Data Inspection meets this need: it is the act of viewing data for verification and debugging purposes, before, during, or after a translation.

What Can Be Inspected?

A number of different aspects of data may be inspected, including the following:

  • Geometry: Is the geometry in the correct spatial location? Are the geometry types correct?
  • Symbology: Is the color, size, and style of each feature correct?
  • Attributes: Are all the required attributes present? Are all integrity rules being followed?
  • Format: Is the data in the expected format?
  • Schema: Is the data subdivided into the correct layers, categories or classes?
  • Quantity: Does the data contain the correct number of features?
  • Output: Has the translation process restructured the data as expected?

Chef Bimm says...
Hi. I'm Chef Bimm and I'm here to help you cook up some tasty data translations.

I have a great recipe for loading CAD files into a Building Information Model. Inspecting the ingredients... I mean data... before I use them lets me detect problems before they affect the translation.

Features in the wrong source layer could need the whole process to be repeated. Data Inspection saves me that hassle.

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