The transformer gallery is the obvious place to start looking for transformers. There are a number of ways in which transformers here can be located.

Transformer Categories

Transformer categories are a good starting point from which to explore the transformer list. Transformers are grouped in categories to help find a transformer relevant to the problem at hand.

Notice that each category lists the number of transformers that it contains!

Important categories include:

  • Calculators: Calculate a value and supply it as a new attribute
  • Database: Interact with external databases
  • Filters: Split and re-route data
  • Geometric Operators: Process feature geometry
  • Infrastructure: Structural transformation and scripting with Tcl/Python
  • Strings: Create, modify and delete string (character) attributes
  • Workflow: Run workspaces either locally or on an FME Server

Simply click on the expand button to show all transformers within a particular category.

Transformer Help

The FME Workbench Help tool displays information about transformers. Simply click on a transformer and press the F1 key to open the help dialog.

This tool is linked to FME Workbench so that a transformer selected (in the gallery or on the canvas) triggers content to display in the Help tool.

In FME2016.1 the help window was altered to not update automatically when a new object is clicked on.
But in 2016.1.1 this behavior was returned, along with the embedded help window!

Another useful - and printable - piece of documentation is the FME Transformer Reference Guide.

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